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Motorola V60c For Alltel (Pre-Owned Cell Phone)

Item Number: PHONE-MOT60CALL
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Motorola V60c For Alltel (Pre-Owned Cell Phone)

Temporary Out of Stock

No phone plan subscription is required.

This pre-owned Motorola V60c cell phone has some scratches form normal use. It is in normal working condition. Works for Alltel service.

Call your wireless company and confirm that this type of phone will be compatible on your wireless account. (below you will find a complete list of wireless carrier customer service phone numbers)

Customer Service Phone Numbers :
  • AT&T Wireless: 1-800-888-7600
  • NEXTEL: 1-800-639-8359
  • Sprint PCS: 1-888-211-4727
  • Verizon Wireless: 1-800-922-0204
  • Cingular wireless: 1-800-331-0500
  • US Cellular: 1-888-944-9400
  • Cricket: 1-800-274-2538
  • Alltel: 1-800-255-8351
  • Qwest: 1-877-879-0611
  • Virgin Mobile: 1-888-322-1122
  • Cellular One: 1-800-235-5663

    Features :
    • New Motorola User Interface - Makes navigating through the menu and features simple. The customizable main menu allows you to reorder the menu items or frequently used features the way you want.
    • Voice recognition / voice annotation button.
    • Two-way SMS messaging - allows you to send, receive and store short alphanumeric text messages with another compatible wireless device or email address.
    • Built-In Microbrowser - information at your fingertips, access White and Yellow Pages, Directions and Stock quotes, all wireless.
    • FM Stereo Radio - accessible when used with optional FM stereo radio headset accessory.
    • 400 Name and Number Phone Book.
    • Caller Line ID - allows you to view information on incoming calls before answering.
    • iTAP software for simplified text entry - anticipates the word you are trying to spell when entering text in email, short messages or other edit modes.
    • Hands Free Operation.
    • Integrated Headset Jack - converse hands-free with the optional headset accessory.
    • Voice Activated Shortcuts - Menu options can be linked to voice commands to automatically activate chosen feature when command is spoken.
    • 32 alert tones.
    • Turbo Dial keys 2-9.
    • Personalization Features - Customize main menu, keys, greeting, banner and quick dial.
    • Dedicated Voice Mail Access Key - press and hold the 1 key to go directly to the messages menu to retrieve your voice mail messages.
    • Date Book - Calendar, schedule and event reminders.
    • Voice Recorder - record conversations, memos or other notes.
    • VibraCall alert - to discreetly notify you of incoming calls.
    • Smart Button - to simplify accessing feature menus, scrolling, selecting functions and placing calls.
    • Auto Redial Notification.
    • Call Forwarding - unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not reachable. (01)
    • Call Waiting.
    • Call Hold.
    • Alternate Line/Dual Name.
    • Quick Access Menu.
    • Speed Dial.
    • Ringer/Vibrate Suppress.
    • Multiple Call Timers.
    • Multiple Key Answer.
    • Last 10 Numbers Dialed.
    • Last 10 calls received.
    • Call Restrictions.
    • Keypad Lock.
    • Phone Lock.
    • Application Lock.
    • New Passwords.
    • Multi-Language Support - English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
    Specifications :
    • Dimensions : 3.42" x 1.77" x 0.95".
    • Weight : 3.80 oz.
    • External display shows 96x16, 1 line display with EL backlighting .
    • Main display shows 96x64 pixels, 3 lines of text, 1 line of icons and 1line of prompts all with EL backlighting.
    • External Display for Caller ID.
    • Stub / Extendable Antenna.
    Service :
  • CDMA 800/1900 and analog 800 MHz networks.
  • Alltel Wireless Service Provider.

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